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How Question Based Keywords Can Improve SEO

By           |         July 15, 2019      |         Resources      |        No Comments

This Gives Ideas To Make Keywords More Effective

Search engine optimization or SEO doesn’t merely involve using random keywords that capture the attention of online users when it comes to searching on search engines like Google. In the past, Google’s algorithms rely on anchor texts and backlinks to increase ranking, so an unscrupulous SEO tactic is to […]

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However, SEO changes and question based keywords are proven to help online users achieve a smoother search to find relevant answers to questions. Of course, site owners also benefit from such SEO tactics to improve ranking, so continue reading below to find out more.

Make Your Content Compatible with Google’s Answer Box

The “Answer Box” of Google that is a featured snippet aims to answer the questions that online users are asking. It is found on the first page of Google’s search results. This is why it’s crucial to add question based keywords so that when Google captures or crawls your content, the search engine will find it helpful and relevant to users, and will reward you by increasing your ranking.

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